Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jack's pictures & stats as of Sunday, 4/26/2009

Jack's weight today is 32 lbs. He will be 5 months old on May 5. His shots are up-to-date and he is AKC registrable.

Here are some pictures I took of him this morning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


     I've heard from several people who followed the puppies on this blog requesting information on how everyone is doing. After all these months I'm amazed that so many became attached to Mindy and the pups during the relatively short time that the blog was active.
     Tanner is living the life of Riley up at Huckleberry Mountain Bassets. You can see some cute pictures of him taken shortly after he moved in at their web site under the "Our Males" section.
     Mackenzie is in a good home about 20 miles away, and by all accounts she is a happy, healthy, and spoiled young lady. We wouldn't expect otherwise, now would we?
     Lucas Jackson has moved back in with us until we can find another home for him. If anyone would like to take him on, please contact us at the e-mail link at the upper-right side of this page. We would like to place him in a good home ASAP; three dogs in our house is 1 1/2 too many.
     Mindy and Schuyler are doing well. Since Mindy spends most of her time with Jack, Schuyler gets the bulk of our attention and he loves it.
     Thank you for all the notes and gifts you have sent. We're happy that we touched so many people's hearts.