Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 56 WrapUp

Mindy finally ate her food tonight. She and Schuyler had a good walk before bedtime. We thank you all for your interest in the Mindy Puppy Cam. Feel free to post a comment or two.

Some Great News!

We just heard that our niece Jessica gave birth to twin girls this morning at 10:06am and 10:26am. One was 18" at 5 lbs. 8 oz. and the other 19" at 5 lbs. 14 oz. Mom and babies are doing great.

Jessica was heard to say, "I can see my belly button again!"

As for Mindy... after a brisk walk (in the rain) she still has not eaten. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she can make it at least another 3 days. Check back in for updates. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.

Happy Birthdays and A Concern

Birthday wishes go out to our daughter-in-law Lindsay, our niece LeighAnn, and Aunt Betty. Happy Birthday to all of you!

Also our niece Jessica is in labor this morning with twins. Looks like we may have two more birthdays to celebrate before this day is over.

Visitors to the site today will notice that Mindy is not eating. This concerns us as a doggie-mom-to-be stops eating before she delivers. Today is Day 56 of her pregnancy, and she should go at least 59 to 65 days before delivery.

Hope for the best. We'll keep you posted.

The Granddaughter and Mindy

OK.... everybody go "Awwwwwwww"

A scuffle

Day 56 - Mindy and Schuyler got into a short-lived fight this morning. They were both investigating a Christmas decoration in the kitchen and suddenly Mindy started growl-barking and attacked Schuyler. I grabbed Schuyler and took him downstairs to calm him down while my wife stayed upstairs with Mindy. He was physically OK, but was quaking after the attack. After about 5 minutes I took him back upstairs and Mindy came up to him to check him over. It was like she was saying "I'm so sorry! Are you OK?" All was peaceful after that. Hormones, I guess.

Our granddaughter spent the night with us and the five of us had a great time before we put the dogs in their pens. Mindy seemed restless and paced some but she eventually settled down. I was able to take a few pictures of the grandaughter and the dogs. I'll put these up later today.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mindy's brother

Day 55 - Mindy had a quiet restful night. She let us sleep until 6:30am before she started whining to go out.

Mindy's not the only dog in our household. Schuyler is our 2-year old neutered dachshund who has almost 10 months worth of household seniority over Mindy. They are best buds (usually) and up until 3 weeks ago they shared the same pen. Now Schuyler stays in a separate crate which is just to the right of the pen shown in the Mindy Cam. If Schuyler's not in his crate when Mindy is in the big pen, she whines and barks until her buddy is nearby. He is a very calming presence to her.

By the way... we don't keep our dogs penned all the time. We enjoy having them participate in our household lives as much as possible. However, as Mindy's due date approaches, she'll be resting in her pen more than normal and Schuyler will be in his crate nearby to keep her calm. If the Mindy Cam is on but she's not onscreen, she and Schuyler are either out for a walk or spending some quality time with us.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Introduction & Welcome

MINDY the basset hound is expecting puppies on or around December 7. We plan on having this feed going from around 7am to 8pm EST everyday, and, if possible, during the birth. We'll be posting updates as often as possible - hopefully daily - and we plan to do so until the last puppy has found it's new home. Sorry about the fuzzy focus in the video, but it's the best my web cam can do at this distance.

Mindy (aka Lady Mindalina of Marcus) is an AKC-registered basset, born July 21, 2007. This is her second heat and her first litter. The sire is AKC Sir Bubba of Huckleberry from Huckleberry Mountain Bassets in Elkton, Virginia. This is day 54 of her gestation period.

The pen she is in measures 48" x 48". The round blue thing she is laying in is a child's wading pool that will be used as the whelping box. The humming you may hear in the background is a dehumidifier placed nearby.

You are invited to check in with Mindy as often as you like. Feel free to post a comment or ask a question.