Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 31 - Another video clip

Here's another clip. Lucas Jackson is indeed speaking on command in this one.


  1. That video is just to cute...Lucas is adorable and so are McKenzie and Tanner

  2. Such sweeties! I love their little puppy woofs.

  3. Their ears are bigger than their heads now! They are so stinkin' cute!

  4. I don't know if Lucas Jackson got poor little Timmy out of the well or not, but I bet he didn't stop until victory (and a snack) were his! It was so cute when he was answering you Mindydad!

  5. @doodlebug - that was my son talking to LJ, I was behind the camera with my mouth shut (for once).

  6. OH.My.GOSH, Can't a girl get a snack without EVERYONE trying to take it out of her mouth!Geesh! Grrr Grrr Grrr

  7. Mackenzie’s Great Escape
    I watched on the edge of my couch as Mackenzie attempted her break over the vast blue wall that surrounds her. She was determined, she was stealthy. She circled the perimeter of her habitat, looking for any weak spots…very clever…our little Mackenzie, yes… indeed.
    She struggled, but only enough to make her “glisten” (little belles do not sweat. ever.) She carried on, although the peril was great, she overcame great obstacles. (Well, there WERE them boys to get around, so there was that, and still make sure mommy was not too concerned.)
    And then….the real action started, she wiggled, she wobbled, she climbed as fast as she could get her little feet going, there was a “boing-oing bunny hop, I saw a spark, a little poof cloud and she was OUT! with a thud.
    She was free!! She again circled the great wall that had held her captive for so long, from the “other side” and circled and circled, but while Mackenzie was doing strength training, getting her laps in, Mommy was freakin’ out, she followed Mackenzie’s every move around and around, and around in the pool.
    Then my computer shut down. When I got it back up, all was in order.

    Can someone tell me the end of this drama?