Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 51

Notice something missing? The live feed is no longer up because there is no further need for it. Tanner's new owner picked him up around noon today and at 1:30pm we met Mackenzie's new family at about the halfway point to turn her over to their care.

Please feel free to continue checking this blog because I fully intend to post more videos as well as a slide show of most of the pictures we've taken over the last seven weeks. But not tonight. For some reason I do not feel like working on anything like that tonight. Mindymom and I are spending time with Mindy and Schuyler.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your comments.


  1. Congrats on a wonderful endeavor. It's been great following the family's progress, and especially nice to know that some new owners out there are going to experience the joy of dog-companionship.

  2. Aw... I had to seek out other puppycams (looks like they had Mindy's pups up here, too)
    but it's not the same as watching Mindy's puppies born live and seeing them grow up here. I'll miss them! Nice job raising them and finding good homes!

  3. OMG!! Thanks Renee!You're right though, it's not the same. Mindypups were like our own.
    I miss that lil'Mackenzie so much, and of course Lucas Jackson starting stuff!
    I wish we could see pictures of them as they grow.

  4. Still checking for the new pictures and videos. Can't wait....
    Mackenzie left home on my birthday...waaaah : <

  5. Thanks for all the effort to let us share in such an enjoyable and interesting experience!! And you did a good job too, MindyDad and MindyMom!!! It was amazing to see that over 100 viewers were logged-on in the middle of the night.

  6. Hey Mindydad & Mindymom,
    How's our little Mindy doing now? Is she adjusting alright?
    How's Mackenzie and Lucas Jackson? Did Tanner go tp Huckleberry Mountain? How is he doing there?

  7. Just checking in to see if there's any news, pictures or videos.

  8. Hi Mindydad,
    Are you still going to post the pictures and videos?

  9. Hi Mindyparents!
    I would love to know how the babies are doing, and Mindy & Schulyer too. If you have any pictures & videos...I'm still checking in. I & I'm sure others would love to see them.

  10. Happy Easter Mindyparents!
    I was hoping to see some Easter"bunny" ears...
    boiing...boiing....boiing >^-^<