Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 37 Update

It's hard to believe that the pups are 5 weeks, 1 day old. They can be very active as regular viewers have seen. Jumping in and out of the pool is no big deal for them. They are all eating solid foods at least twice a day and have become real chow hounds.

Tanner is still our laid back one, Lucas Jackson gets more rambunctious everyday, and Mackenzie has really come out of her shell and is very playful with her brothers, her mom, and us. They all like it when we roughhouse with them.

Mindy and Schuyler are back to being full-time best buds again. They actully lay together when we have them upstairs.

Lucas Jackson and Tanner have found homes and will probably be moving on and out within the next 2-3 weeks. Mackenzie is still available for sale. Contact us if you are interested.


  1. Oh how I wish I could come and get that little Mackenzie. I just adore that little girl. You guys should keep her, please, please please?? Pretty please with sugar sprinkles AND a cherry on top??

  2. wow 2-3 weeks and they are leaving time sure goes by fast I'm going to miss them when they are gone. MacKenzie is a sweety really surprised no one snapped her up. If I could I would take her.

  3. They look like they're going stir crazy in that space!!

  4. Golly Jeepers Mindyparents! We never get to see the little ones eat their new food, or play with each other live outside of the "pool/bed" area. You said there was a bigger area coming, so we were hoping to be able to watch them run around & play. Sometimes we get to hear them (thank you for that)play with toys, or each other, but can we please see them outside of that pool sometimes?