Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 47 Update

I spent a little time tonight rerouting the network cable drop so that the camera can now see into the playpen. We've separated the pups from Mindy and it seems to be working out without too much anxiety from anyone.

The pups had their checkup and first round of shots at the vet's office yesterday. She was very pleased with the pups' development and pronounced them all healthy.

You'll notice Lucas Jackson is no longer in the brood. He left today to go live with his new owners, who happen to be my son and his family. LJ will be our granddaughter Natalee's puppy. Tanner is scheduled to leave Saturday morning and Mackenzie some time that weekend. I've taken some more video that I'll get up on the blog. Even after the pups leave the blog will stay up, but without the live feed. I'll probably rearrange the posts so all the video clips will be at the top.

Don't worry, this isn't the last post before Tanner and Mackenzie leave. I've got some more to say before that sad time comes.


  1. Glad that those two are staying in the family! Sad that they're on their way out :(

  2. Hi Mindydad & Mindymom,
    This is so awesome for us to get to see the playpen, thanks abunch!I'm sad to see that Lucas Jackson is already gone! NOW who's gonna start trouble? Happy to hear he's staying in the Mindyfamily. Very happy to hear Mackenzie will still be close to you.
    I'm going to miss the puppers so much. So when they're all gone, can we still watch them grow up? Will you still post videos and pictures? I think all of us out here would LOVE that!!

  3. You know that puppies and kittens alike shouldn't leave home until they are at least 12 weeks old so that they're mature enough to be without their mama.

  4. I can't get any sound in the playpen. Is there any?