Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 50 Update

Jack came by for a visit tonight. I took some video footage of what was probably the last time Mindy and the puppies will be together. It will be posted online. If things go as scheduled, Mackenzie and Tanner will leave tomorrow, and to tell the truth, neither of us are looking forward to it. It's been very difficult to not get attached to these puppies. I guess if we were dog breeders who have done this more than once, we'd have no problem. Truth to tell, we have a strong emotional attachment to the puppies, but we've committed ourselves to the new owners. At one time we discussed keeping Mackenzie, but came to the realization that one big and strong basset in the household is enough. As long as we have Schuyler the dachshund and Mindy the basset, these two dogs will be enough, and as Jack is still in the family we will be seeing him regularly as the years allow.

Whelping this litter and watching them grow has been more than rewarding. It has added an extra dimension to our lives that we will never forget and will always fondly remember, but it's time for them to move on. We're still planning on getting Mindy spayed. We won't put her (or us) through this again.


  1. Mindydad!!!!! I think Mindy had a great time with her babies and has been a super mommie. Are you really really really sure you want to spay her?
    I got to watch LJ in with his brother & sister playing & having fun. He was sitting on the top of the pillow like he was king of the hill, he's so funny..then Mackenzie hopped like a bunny & pounced on him.
    I'm sure gonna miss those little ones, it seems like just the other day they were oh so teeny!
    I had asked before if you were still going to get pictures of the little ones to post as they grow. Will you do that? paleeeeeeeeeeeeeze???