Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 45 Update

No, we have not fallen off the end of the earth. Yesterday our Comcast (Camcost?) service was out until almost 11 pm and today the laptop that drives the MindyPupsCam is on the fritz. I'll try to get it going tonight so stay tuned. (UPDATE: It's fixed!)

We've found a home for Mackenzie. She's going to live with one of my students' girlfriend's family. We're thinking that next weekend will be when all three babies will leave for their new homes.

I've been asked why the MindyPupsCam is never pointed to the new puppy playpen I built a while back. The playpen is across the room from the laptop/webcam setup and the cables simply will not reach. I promise I'll get some videos up showing them romping around in it before the week's up.