Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 16 Update

Just a quick update for now... at two weeks and 1 day of age, here's today's weigh-in...

  • Lucas Jackson - 3lb 5oz
  • Mackenzie - 2lb 13oz
  • Tanner - 3lb 3oz

I'll definitely be getting some updated pictures posted, and I've been shooting some video footage as well that will be put on Youtube. At this age they're not too active, but once and a while one of then will yawn or stretch. Stay tuned….


  1. Yay! I caught them live. Wow, they are growing so fast!

  2. Haha Mindy was frantically shuffling the blanket around like she wanted to rearrange the bed, and the puppies were in a deep sleep and not responding even though the blanket was being pulled around, then she lifted up the blanket and Lucas totally rolled off onto the plastic and the blanket ended up over his head and his little feet are sticking out wiggling and he's upside-down and Mindy is laying on the blanket so he can't turn over! hehe