Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 21 Weights

We've not weighed the pups since Wednesday. Here's their weights as of tonight, 3 days later:
  • Lucas Jackson - 4 lb, 12 oz (11 oz gain)
  • Mackenzie - 3 lb, 15 oz (8 oz gain)
  • Tanner - 4 lb, 11 oz (12 oz gain)
Whew! And they're not even weaned yet!


  1. I swear Lucas falls asleep nursing and wakes up nursing! If Mindy moves, he's stuck to her like a barnacle!!

  2. Haha it's funny because when I read your comment doodlebug, Mackenzie and Tanner are off to the side of the tub sleeping peacefully and Lucas is latched onto mama! You're right!