Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 27 Update

The big news around here is that not only are Mindy and Schuyler back to being best buds again, but Mindy is actually letting him be around the puppies when we let them out for a romp. He is still very cautious, but it's as if he knows his boundaries and does not want to cross them.

The kids all have developed personalities. Lucas Jackson is to the pups as Moe is to the Three Stooges... he thinks he's the boss. He's also the Indiana Jones of the tribe as he is the one most likely to try to scoot away under a chair or behind someone's feet in quest of a great adventure if we don't watch him. Mackenzie looks sweet and timid but she can hold her own when LJ wants to pick a fight. She can get things started too if things are too calm. Tanner is the laid-back one. I can picture him on a beach chair sipping a rum and coke, listening to Jimmy Buffet music on his iPod and watching the girl puppies go by. Not much bothers him.

We're starting to introduce them to semi-solid foods. I'll let you know how that is working out. So, what do you you think: is it time for another video?


  1. Thanks for the great update! I like your descriptions of their personalities.

    You know I wouldn't say it's *not* time for a new video!

  2. Awww It's good to hear that Mindy and Schuyler are back to being best buds again. That must have been pretty hard on him. Lucas Jackson got very annoyed that mom left this morning, so he made as much noise he could muster, before falling asleep in a Puppeh pile. He got a leg up from Mackenzie (not voluntary on her part) for his valiant, yet unsuccessful attempt to escape the pool.

  3. VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! (Say like "ATTICA" in "Dog Day Afternoon")

  4. ummmm...where's Mackenzie?

  5. I found Mackenzie, she seems to be separated on the other side of Mindy alot ,and she loves her mommys' ears.
    Did Mindy get a new necklace? Very stylish!

  6. Minymom & Mindydad,
    Could you put a tennis ball in the pool for the puppers? (fyi,I have the flu & nothing to do :p)

  7. @doodlebug - we've put Mindy's collar back on her. The puppies are big enough that they will not get caught in it. Sorry you have the flu. Get better quick!

  8. Lucas Jackson.
    My List of Things to do Today Before Lunch.
    1.) Mosey up to the Milk Bar for a bite (or two)
    2.) Turn myself into a barnacle
    3.) Sleep (so tie- tie)
    4.) Whine, grunt and maybe a grrr (I have to pace myself)
    5.) Bite Mackenzie
    6.) Grunt & Whine
    7.) Sleep
    8.) Lunchtime!!!!!

    My List of Things to do Today Before Lunch.
    1.) Whine
    2.) Eat my nummies like a good girl.
    3.) Sleep
    4.) Back to back whine session
    5.) Bite Lucas Jackson
    6.) Whine like I’m in excruciating pain
    7.) Find mommy’s ear and hide
    8.) Play peek-a-boo again with mommy’s ear using my stealth maneuvering
    that’s always fun.
    9.) Did someone say lunch?

    My List of Things to do Today Before Lunch.
    1.) Check out the Pina’ Colada Bar
    2.) Chill
    3.) Sleep
    4.) Learn words to Margarittaville (no hurry)
    5.) Is it lunch? Yawnnn

  9. @doodlebug - Great list! You really captured their personalities. I'm going to post this as a blog entry.