Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Herding puppies is a lot like herding cats

Well, I've just spent the better part of a half hour trying to get some decent Christmas pictures of the Basset Bunch and it's been... how shall I put it... have you ever tried to juggle confetti? I'll have to wait until Mindymom gets home to help me corral them so I can get some good pictures taken. None of them would hold still for a good shot. Mackenzie is so quick she almost walked off the edge of the couch at least three times. Mindy was just as hyper as the pups. I felt like that poor schmo taking baby pictures at (insert name of el-cheapo discount store here) trying to get a crying, screaming, drooling toddler to get his thumb out of his nose and perhaps smile or at least not look like Jack Nicholson after he fire-axes the door in "The Shining". But at least the puppies were cute.

The owners of the sire have pick of the litter and they came by yesterday and chose Tanner. He'll probably be a stud dog at Huckleberry Mountain Bassets. As the Canadians say, lucky dog, eh?

We've not forgotten you winners of the name-the-pups contest. As soon I can get a good picture taken I'll send it along to you.

Just in case we don't post again today, have a Merry Christmas! We's gots puppehs ats ouws howse!

(My New Year's Resolution: never talk or type or post like that again. As God is my witness.)


  1. PUPPEHS!!! In da howse, y'all!!Word...
    Are you keeping Mackenzie????? You HAVE to, you know that RIGHT??
    Mindydad, you crack me up!!!! My router has been having a hissy fit for the last few days, I haven't seen the puppers in days!

  2. Isn't it funny how bassets love to lie on their backs! Mindy looks so comfortable. Our own Sophie Sue always lies on her back in her favorite recliner. Bassets are such wonderful dogs and these are just so darned cute. I forget how cute they can be as puppies. Jackson looks just like Sophie's brother, Rusty (aka Russell Wallace) who passed away a year ago this month. We miss him so much and Mindy and her pups add a bright spot to our day. Thanks so much for sharing! Merry Christmas!